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In developing the Prisoners’ Family & Friends United (PFFUnited) website to support prison families and those serving prisoners and their loved ones, a comprehensive resource book evolved offering factual information, resources and encouragement to all affected by incarceration. 

The Unvarnished Truth about the Prison Family Journey, co-authored by a licensed professional counselor and current prison inmate having a combined total of over fifty years personal and professional experience with the criminal justice and prison systems is a “road-map” for successfully navigating the rocky roads found on all prison family journeys.

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This book is the first-ever to walk the reader every step from arrest through community re-entry and family reunification, while exposing corruption and greed that fuels the prison industrial complex, profiting a select few at the tragic expense of millions of human lives. 

A must-read for all affected by the mass incarceration that is eroding the quality of life in the United States.

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Prisoner’s Family & Friends United (PFFUnited) is an on-line resource and support project of Community Solutions of El Paso, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2003 to uniquely serve the prison family. 

The PFFUnited project is an extension of the organization’s National Prisoner’s Family Conference, providing honest valuable information, practical services, advocacy and support for those facing the challenges of the prison family journey. 

PFFUnited Mission

It is the mission of Prisoner’s Family & Friends United to strengthen community by strengthening the prisoner’s family and friends through relevant resources, meaningful emotional support, practical services and advocacy that empowers those with the greatest potential to effectively support the prisoner throughout incarceration, community re-entry and family reunification thereby reducing prisoner recidivism.


The vision of PFFUnited is to offer a comfortable forum for strengthening the Partners on the Prisoner’s Support Team through comprehensive useful information and effective services at no cost or the most reasonable cost to help alleviate the emotional stressors typically associated with becoming a prison family.  Our greatest objectives include strengthening relationships; promoting healthy reunification and reducing recidivism risk factors.

Initiated in May 2012, resources, information and services provided through the PFFUnited website will be regularly updated to expand the scope, substance and value of the project.

PFFUnited is administered by professional and lay persons who have been profoundly affected by the criminal justice and prison systems, including current and former prisoners and their family members who hope that in sharing what they have learned through their experiences others will be helped to safely and productively navigate what is most often a traumatic  and confusing life experience.


Prison Family Journey on the ROAD

The Prison Family Journey “on the road” offers speakers and workshops to provide relevant information for all affected by incarceration to understand and cope effectively with the legal and emotional impact of incarceration. 

Prison family members and those serving prison families in such fields as criminal justice, mental health, social services, education and ministry will learn effective ways to navigate the trauma and grief of a loved one’s incarceration, as well as critical tools for the prisoner’s successful community re-entry and family reunification. 

Participants are engaged in discussion of the Prison Family Bill of Rights as well as strategies for ending mass incarceration in this country. 

To schedule a Prison Family Journey “On the Road” speaker or event e-mail: info@pffunited.org or phone 915-861-7733.

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February 19 – 21, 2014


Details & Registration is at http://www.prisonersfamilyconference.org/



PFFUnited, joined by thousands with concerns about MASS Incarceration in the U.S. is coordinating the END MASS Incarceration Movement.  The goal is to UNITE in taking our individual concerns about issues that are FUELING MASS Incarceration to our  legislators. 

The group is planning events and rallies that will culminate with END MASS Incarceration WEEK  in April of 2014.  For more information and to participate, visit the END MASS Incarceration Facebook page or e-mail info@pffunited.org.

NOTE:  The “Repeal AEDPA” Movement has joined the END MASS Incarceration Movement.  If concerned about the Unconstitutionality of AEDPA, please join the END MASS Incarceration Movement.  E-mail info@pffunited.org for more information.


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